Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life?

Ever thought that you are being held back by something other than the experiences you'd had in your life? Have you considered whether subjects you are inexplicably drawn to are due to your experiences in a past life? If so then maybe you should give Hypnosis for past life regression a try. It is important when choosing who should act as your guide on this amazing journey, that you consider their training and background. I would recommend seeing a qualified hypnotherapist who will be trained effectively to deal with whatever issues may arise through the process. A good place to find highly qualified hypnotherapists and past life regression guides is on the GHR website which you can find by inserting GHR into google. Hypnosis is just another name for a trance state which we all experience naturally many times a day like when you day dream. When you go into a deep hypnotic state, you can unlock the secrets held deep within your unconscious mind which may hold the keys to information from past lives.

During a past life regression therapy session you will experience going into a deep relaxing trance state where you will begin your journey. Once you have entered into this highly receptive state, you will be led through a series of techniques designed to open the doors to this information. Who knows what you will discover? The hypnotherapist will work as a guide to lead you through this journey to find information about one past life or lead you through many lives. Will you be a Japanese concubine or an Egyptian slave? Perhaps a lady in waiting or a coal miner? The possibilities are endless and usually a good hypnotherapist will provide you with a recording of the session so that you can have a copy of all that is said throughout the experience. Maybe you were someone famous or perhaps something happened to you in a past life and is coming through in your current life and holding you back.

This is why it is important to experience this journey with a trained hypnotherapist so that if trauma is experienced in a past life, your therapist can guide you through it safely and release any negativity associated with it. This will then enable you to get the most out of your current life without being trapped by events from another past version of you. Haven't you always wondered why you are particularly drawn to a certain time or place in history? Why not discover what secrets lie buried in you subconscious mind and find out who you used to be, today?


I was astonished to find that in a past life I was a wealthy Roman politician, this would explain my collection of Roman Coins


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